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How to Write Your Own Collection Demand Letter [Infographic]

You don’t need a lawyer to write a good collection demand letter. Save your money and write your own collection demand letter following our recommendations including keeping it short and simple, shifting the burden, reminding the debtor of other consequences, avoiding insulting the debtor, and more:


How to Pay for Home Renovations | Infographic

We at Mountain Sound Builders realize the decision to renovate your house is a big one. It is an important choice that can add more than just monetary value to your home. Renovation can add much-needed space to a house that you may have outgrown. It can allow you to modernize a house that has been home to your family for generations and holds great sentimental value.

Whatever the reason and whatever the size of the project, sifting through the various funding options can be difficult and time-consuming.

This infographic lists several different ways of paying for renovations. Use it to help you find the one that will work best for you and your family. View more here –

How to Pay for Your Home Renovations | Infographic

Many homeowners have changes and updates they would like to make to their homes. Not only can renovations add more value to a home, but they can also have a positive effect on the owner’s lifestyle. Redesigning a cramped bathroom or modernizing an outdated kitchen could make a home more enjoyable.

However, deciding on the best way to pay for a renovation can be a hassle. T.W. Ellis understands this and hopes this infographic will help make it easier for homeowners to find the best way to pay for their home renovation. View more here –

The Ultimate Moving Checklist [Infographic]

What word would most people use to describe moving? It would have to be “stressful.” The logistics of moving can be overwhelming. Planning, scheduling, coordinating, and packing are just a few of the many tasks that must be tackled when relocating. However, there are ways to help ease the burden and relieve the stress so that a move can be as pain-free as possible. Whether moving into your dream home, a new apartment, or moving because of your career, a well-made plan will make all the difference. The Totable Ultimate Checklist is a valuable part of any moving plan. The checklist offers instruction on what to do and a timeline in which to do it. This not only ensures nothing is forgotten, but it breaks up the process into manageable pieces, so it does not become overwhelming. View more here –

9 Key Steps to Marketing Your Dental Practice

Managing your dental practice is exciting. But getting new business isn’t always easy. To get customers in the door, you will need to do some marketing. But marketing itself isn’t an easy path. There is no silver bullet or “easy” button. Where should North Carolina dentists begin? View more here –

Neville Goddard Techniques 10 Aspects of Manifestation [Infographic]

This infographic describes the 10 Different aspects of Neville Goddard techniques to manifest your desires. View more here –

Easily Master The State Akin To Sleep [Infographic]

The State Akin To Sleep is a technique pioneered by Neville Goddard.Simple but extremely powerful by applying this process one is able to tap into the limitless power of the subconscious mind The infographic below simplifies this often misunderstood concept.. Master this you can impress the subconscious and manifest your desires. Click for more details: