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New Bestseller: Dark on the Inside Book by Virginia Cantorna

AFTER THE PEARL HARBOR ATTACK, THE PHILIPPINE SKY WAS SUDDENLY RIPPED APART BY THE SCREAM OF JAPANESE BOMBS. I DID NOT KNOW THAT IN TIME I TOO, WOULD BE SCREAMING. “An epic tale set against the backdrop of the Philippines, while being occupied by the Japanese during World War II.” View more for amazon kindle or paperback here –


Author: Mahaboob Hussain

Mahaboob Hussain is the Team Leader of Submitcube and Ibuildsite. He loves to share his knowledge about Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Web Design, Web Development and learn from others. With 6+ years of experience in marketing and development, his team completed 1000s of projects for clients all around the globe. Apart from his work, he loves to travel and read books.

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