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Could You Be Selling to Minors?

This infographic, from “Could You Be Selling to Minors?” displays the concerning statistics for businesses that sell age-controlled products. A high percentage of sales at many establishments such as convenience stores, restaurants, vape shops, and more are for these products – therefore it is essential that these businesses utilize state-of-the-art technology to prevent human error and potentially very costly fines over time.


Top 10 Ways to Maintain An Eco-Friendly Pool

These days, green means eco-friendly, something that many people now aspire to in order to reduce the smash their pool has on the environment. However, pools, mostly freshwater pools, require a lot of preservation. Some of that maintenance needs chemicals and actions that are less than imperishable. 

This infographic gives some techniques you can make your Swimming Pool more and more environmentally friendly in order to comfort a healthier environment for our future generations. View more:


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Top 5 Swimming Pool Safety Tips Every Parent Should Follow

Courtyard swimming pools provide innumerable hours of family fun each summer. As a responsible Pool Inspection, it’s essential to follow sure safety tips to prevent scratches, especially among children by pool inspection. Here are the top five ways swimming pool safety tips to keep your kids safe when playing in and around the pool. View More: