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What Are The Applications of 3003 Aluminum?

3003 Aluminum Coil is an aluminum alloy with a high percentage of silicon and iron, making it easy to form and weld. It can be used for many applications thanks to its strength, corrosion resistance, and ability to resist stress corrosion cracking. It is widely used because of its reasonable price and flexibility.

Building Products: 3003 Aluminum is used in roofs, folded sheets, sidings, garage doors, and acoustic ceilings.

Food & Chemical Industry: The alloy is used in storage containers, fabricated metal products, pipes, cooking utensils, refrigerator panels, ice cube traps, chemical handling equipment, appliance components, and more.

Automotive: 3003 Aluminum is used in truck and trailer roofing.

HVAC: 3003 Aluminum is used in heat engine cooling units, including radiators, since it is light and thermal conducive. In heating and cooling systems, it is also used in conditioning evaporators, car radiators, and heat exchangers.

Oil & Gas: The alloy is used in gas lines, pipe jacketing, fuel tanks, pressure vessels, and more.

Architectural: You will also see 3003 Aluminum in architectural and outdoor applications.

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