Reliable Level 3 Hard Body Armor China Supplier

Hard armor is normally made with ceramic or ballistic steel. Armor Plates is rated highly for protecting users against high-caliber rifle ammunition.

It is also among the most commonly used types of body armor no matter what type of tactical situations you are faced with.

Body protection is really important when you are in a tactical situation and your enemies are around firing rounds from their rifles at you.

In this infographic H WIN, High-Quality Rifle Plate Body Armor China Manufacturer shows an overview of Level 3 Ballistic Armor Rifle Plates.

All About Earthquake & Building an Earthquake-Resistant Structures

With the growing human problems, natural calamities are severely affecting the shelters of humanity. Earthquake is the common reasons of disaster across the globe, causing countless life loss. This demands the construction of earthquake-proof buildings that can safeguard human life.

What actually is an earthquake? The infographic is all about the earthquake, its significant reasons, and its consequences. Furthermore, the infographic also gives you detailed knowledge about top earthquakes ever recorded in history.

The top 5 Earthquake Resistant buildings in the world are:
1. Philippine Arena
2. Taipei 101
3. Burj Khalifa
4. Transamerica Pyramid
5. Sabiha Gökçen International Airport

The major query is how to build an earthquake-resistant building. This infographic has explained the list of components and best practices that are currently being used to make earthquake-resistant buildings.
It will provide you the in-depth information about the properties, uses, and interesting facts about these metals.

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Top 10 Strongest Metals on Earth

Most of the metals have a lustrous appearance, are typically malleable, ductile and conducts electricity and heat relatively well. Metal is defined by several properties, including tensile strength, compressive strength, yield strength, and impact strength.

Adding to your knowledge, none of these metals are as hard as a diamond or as tough as graphene, but these carbon lattice structures are not metals.

So, what are the top 10 strongest metals on earth?
1. Tungsten

2. Steel

3. Chromium

4. Titanium

5. Iron

6. Vanadium

7. Lutetium

8. Zirconium

9. Osmium


This infographic will give you detailed knowledge about them.
It will provide you the in-depth information about the properties, uses, and interesting facts about these metals.
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