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Features and Applications of 5083 Aluminum Coil

5083 aluminum coil belongs to Al-Mg-Si aluminum alloys. Its main contents are Magnesium and Silicon except Aluminum. Over 4.0% of Magnesium enables 5083 aluminium coil to have excellent resistance to correction, and easily to welded. By adding cooper, 5083 aluminum coil has 28% Electrical conductivity. 5083 aluminum coil also has good forming characteristic for either hot or cold working. But hardening is accomplished by means of cold working only. Besides, 5083 aluminum coil does have good strength but non-heat treatable. 5083 aluminum coil has vast applications for its properties above.

It is commonly used in the manufacture of

  • Marine
  • Auto Aircraft Cryogenics
  • Storage Tank
  • Railway Cars
  • Coachwork
  • Armor Plate
  • Building Construction
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Tip Truck Bodies

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