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The Top 6 Advantages of 4-Axis Rotary Table

The 4th axis rotary table is Widely used in large machining centers. Compared with other structures of rotary tables, the four axis have the following advantages

No Backlash

Through the roller and CAM rolling contact, no forward and reverse back gap problem, greatly improve the roller CAM ultra-precision characteristics, reduce the rate of defects, improve the quality of precision machining technology is a breakthrough.

Ultra High Efficiency Conduction

Roller CAM type turntable in rolling way conduction, reduce wear, conduction efficiency is high, high speed operation, conduction efficiency is up to 90% above.

There is no Thermal Displacement

Even under high speed operation, reduce friction, reduce heat displacement, improve quality stability, reduce the rate of defects.

Free Maintenance

Due to low abrasion and minimal aging, the initial precision can be maintained for a long time.

Life is Long

Roller conduction mode, can reduce wear, long service life.

The Brake Performance

During the positioning of the brake, the disc surface will not shake from side to side, and the positioning brake will be kept within 2um, which can highly show the precision machining quality.

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